KRE-Company Profile

KRE- Kashmir Resources Exposition-An Export House of Kashmiri Handicrafts.

Know KRE:

We are a family run business, based in Srinagar, India which specializes in handmade crewel embroidery since 1982. Our business is part of the cottage industry of Kashmiri handicrafts. Our artisans, both men and women, work from local villages around Srinagar. These artisans have learnt from their elders and teach their next generation, forming an unbroken cultural lineage, which we feel privileged to give expression to.

Crewel –our signature product: Though this exquisite embroidery has English roots, it is now mostly done in the Himalayan villages of Kashmir. The motifs that became popular in the Jacobean times in England, and now form the defining features of crewel are an interesting amalgamation of English, Indian and Persian influences. We have kept alive these traditional designs that include beautiful, free flowing vines, flowers, leaves, trees etc. We’ve also developed new designs to suit the modern palate. This wool embroidery on cotton gives a whole new dimension to the cloth both literally and figuratively. Needless to say, the charm of handicraft and the elegance that crewel brings to a home, is unparalleled!

KRE-Know more about us:

We are Proud to state and introduce ourselves with Famous Couplet of Amir Khusroo that praises Kashmir and its beauty in Persian as “Agar Firdous baroye Zamee ast, Hami asto, hami asto, hami ast” meaning “If there is a paradise on earth, surely it is here, it is here, here it is Indeed’. We bring the same beauty of Kashmiri culture and Art, through its world renowed craft & artifacts in a bouquet of Kashmiri handicrafts. KRE- is a Kashmir based Handicraft manufacturer and exporter of world renowed finest & quality handmade crafts of Kashmiri art, unparalleled of its class. the export house is branded under the logo “KRE” that defines our class of finest craftsmanship in embroidery of blue and red shades that elaborates our endeavor of global trade relations with national, international clients and customers. KRE is certified by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India with Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number: 5515000854. the export house was found by the young, budding, charismatic & passionate entrepreneur of Kashmir “Mr.Waseem Ahmad Bhat”, who believes in bringing the quality craftsmanship, traditional art & culture of Kashmir (the paradise on earth), to every corner of the world and meeting the national, international quality standards. KRE believes in high customer value and quality in its products in varsity of time and global competition. we are specialized in and best in silk crewel fabric, Linen crewel Fabric, windows crewel drape embroidery, embroidery shawls, prayer-runner mat, crewel lampshades, crewel fashion handbags, cushion covers, bed covers, natural fabric by yard fabric yardage by KRE, paper machie, crewel chain-stitch, velvet crewel fabric, velvet fabric, duck fabric, and much more, of kashmiri art. Our success is defined by our legacy of customer friendly approach and purity in our products as almost all our products are handmade and best in its class. Being a kashmir based business concern, It is situated primarily in kashmir as:

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