Crewel Cotton Fabric KRE is offering custom drapery panels and designer fabric custom drapes now available in all of our handmade embroidered Crewel designer wholesale upholstery fabrics and plain fabrics. By custom ordering your drapery from KRE Home and Fabrics you will be guaranteed a perfect fit for common and uncommon sized windows.
Here at KRE we manufacture and offer the highest quality hand Crewel Embroidered fabric for our drapery, designer pillows and bedding collections. Helping you make the most of your interior design projects and spaces. We want to offer you our best as we know that our home decorator Crewel fabric materials, and home goods interior products are representing you and your business.
Our custom drapery panels and custom drapes come in a variety of designer Crewel ground fabrics including pure cotton, soft cotton velvet, pure silk, natural linen, and Organza fabric so you can be creative with your choices. Our beautiful handmade fabrics and beautiful Crewel design selections are all hand embroidered with hand dyed 100% fine wool so that you can be assured, that your custom drapes have the look and lasting quality is there. KRE Home and Fabrics knows that adding a cuatom drapery panel to a window adds more elegance to the room. It allows a window to be perceived as much larger thus creating a new look to the space. All of the KRE designs will help your customers in creating that polished look resulting in a custom design and adding elegance to their rooms.
Choose your drapery panel style from rod pocket tops to fit any drapery rod or tab top to fit your exposed rod. Pinch pleated curtains can add that extra flair on a taller or shorter window and can be hung on metal rings then added to a decorative metal round rod. We can even supply extra long crewel fabric drapery panels that start at the ceiling and touch right down to the floor. When ordering our wholesale custom drapery and curtains, we allow you to choose the sizes that will suit your customer’s needs and that are most in demand (please read our policy on custom ordering sizes).

If you are ordering from our readymade Crewel fabric drapery panels, and curtains to stock your retail store in our offered sizes or are ordering your own custom designs on our ground fabrics to create your own brand and styles, we look forward to working with you! We are confident that any one of our Crewel fabric hand embroidered drapery styles that you choose will become an important element for creating the visual that you want in a completed interior design project. Also check out our designer bedding collections, Crewel fabric pillows and Chainstitch rugs and accessories to go along with your drapery selections.
Make your selections today and send us an email or give our customer service a call, so that we can answer any further questions for you and start your order process.

Crewel Drapery Panel
Our KRE cottoin drapery panels come in plain or with hand Crewel embroidery. they are lined with a light weigt cotton fabric which gives them more body an allows you more privacy. remember when ordering the differentstyles in the cotton drapery panels to measure and adjust for the fullness that you want. The tab top, rod pocket, tie top and grommet look the best with 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times fullness.

Vevet Drapery Panel
Our Velvet drapery panels have a beautiful weight and density to them. Choose lined or unlined. Our Velvet fabric with or without one of our Crewel embroidered designs create a wonderful look and style to your windows. We offer two two different Velvets, Pure Cotton Velvet soft and smooth or 50/50 Cotton and Rayon with a look of movement and shine.

Linen Drapery Panel
KRE pure Linen drapery panels create an elegance and refined look to your windows. They can be ordered in plain Linen or you can choose any of our Crewel embroidered designs to create a Interior design style. These fine Linen Draperies are fully lined and have generous 4″ hems.

Silk Drapery Panel
Pure Silk and Silk Organza drapery panels lines with a fine lightweight cotton add a flowing elegance to your windows. Lightweight and sheer these drapery panels are available in a variety of beautiful Crewel embroidered designs or choose one of our plain Silk or Silk Organza fabric selections.