Prayer, Runner Mat

This is a distinctive Kashmir Prayer Mat capturing the mysticism of the Kashmiri Sufis from the 17th century.

At the center of the field of this exquisite rug is a medallion in a concentric circle motif. The outer circle of the medallion consists of palmettes of alternating design and color connected by floral shoots and a third palmette motif. The inner circle has a central elegant diamond motif with four palmettes along each side of the diamond, surrounded by delicate shoots and flowers. Along the vertical and horizontal axis of the medallion are four decorative palmettes. The cornerpiece consists of two different bands of floral and palmette motifs with an elegant cloudband edge.

The field of the rug is decorated with an intricate floral design of plant shoots with leaves, flowers and various types of palmettes. This rug has a beautiful border that balances the intricate medallion in the center, showcasing the elegant design of the rug. The inner guard as well as the outer stripe both have a similar motif of flower buds and leaves bordered by lines symbolizing irrigation channels for this exotic oriental garden. The central stripe has large palmette flowers of three different designs connected and surrounded by floral shoots, leaves and buds.

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